Single Service Sessions

Experience intensive one-on-one sessions with Akasha. The wonderful thing about all of these services is that they can be done over the phone very easily and viscerally.

Action Tarot

Basically, I help you figure out: what’s going on, why it’s going on, and what you can do about it! These sessions are clear-cut and to the point, leaving you empowered with a plan of action.

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Ancestral Healing

Are you struggling with unresolved questions and issues with a beloved person or being who has passed over? I help you to communicate across dimensions to resolve the issues of your past and that of others.

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Body Communication and Healing

In these sessions,  I facilitate a conversation between you and your cellular body/mind –  a voice that usually goes unheard when you are trying to heal. Together we learn the deepest needs of your whole self and outline a plan for healing.

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Nurturing Astrology

These unique shamanic sessions offer you an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of what makes you tick and what helps you be successful and what hinders you. You gain clarity on your purposes in life, and a strategy for where you easily find love and feel loved.

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Nurturing Astrology for Baby and Family

Using your baby’s birth chart, I help you to learn what motivates, helps and hinders the development of your child’s character..  I also help you understand how you and your family and other main caregivers connect best with your child.

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Action Tarot: 1 hour = $100; 30 minutes = $60   will record
Ancestral Healing  2 hours – $230,    1 hour – $125
Body Communication and Healing: 2 hours – $230
Nurturing Astrology: 1.5 hour reading at $200  (includes natal, transits, solar return charts, recording and study time)
Nurturing Astrology For Baby and 1 other person:  $249; add $25 for each additional person.

I accept checks in advance or you can click on the PayPal button to pay for services: