Body Communication and Healing

The bodymind is a voice that usually goes unheard when one is trying to heal. It is the collective voice of the cells of your body.

New science has demonstrated that everything has a resonance, a frequency of sound. Each cell has its own song that changes when it is ill or healthy, happy or sad, hurt or feeling loved. Together our whole body is a symphony of sound, literally.

Your body is comprised of many layers. There is the deep microcosmic level of the mitochondria and DNA. There are the immune, lymph, and nervous systems and the organs and parts of the body. There are the etheric and auric bodies, and so forth. I discovered many years ago that I can hear, communicate, and heal at all of these different levels.

In this session, you tell me what you need out of the session. I then do an energy scan at multiple different levels and tell you what I see. I then outline a plan of healing for the session.

Things done in a session can be:

  • Reiki
  • Polarity
  • Alchemical healing
  • Aura strengthening
  • Time travel
  • Ancestral healing

Body Communication and Healing: 2 hours – $250

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