Nurturing Astrology for Baby and Family

Nobody can deny that a baby keeps parents guessing with those breathtaking toothless smiles (happy – or just gas?)…babbling (real messages, or just imitation?)…and anguished tears (hungry? wet? poopy? gassy? Or maybe a past-life memory?). And what parent hasn’t balanced between utter adoration and exhausted frustration in the guessing game?

If only you had some clue to your baby’s character, viewpoint and way of expressing needs and affection…what he or she needs to feel safe, supported, welcomed and inspired! Not to mention a preview of his or her gifts and potential…..

Most parents simply wait and watch, piecing together the clues over time. But you can get to know your baby from the day s/he’s born, with Akasha’s latest service: the Baby and Family Birth Chart.

The birth chart is like a picture of the foundation of a home: it gives shape to the floors above it.  As time goes on, this home can add additions, change its decor, bring in new furniture and get rid of old.  There is lots of change above as life happens.  But the foundation is still there, giving strength and structure to the rest of the home.

For a baby, this foundational self is developed in the first 3 – 5 years of life.  Using the birth chart, Akasha helps you to learn what motivates, helps and hinders the development of that strong foundation.  She also helps you understand how you and your family and other main caregivers connect best with your child.

Each 90-minute astrology reading includes audio recording, a special print of the baby’s chart, along with regular prints of the other person’s/people’s charts.

For Baby and 1 other person:  $249
Add $25 for each additional person.

If you buy in advance of your child’s birth, I give a 15% discount.

It is important to get the exact time of your child’s birth.  If you don’t have that I can work around it.  In addition I need the date and place of birth.