Nurturing Astrology

My relationship with astrology is shamanic and clairvoyant. As I study each chart I energetically sink down into it so that I can get a feel of how the elements are interacting with each other. I work with the asteroids, the centaurs, and nodes as well as the regular planets. Learn how you best express and feel loved, best strategize your life path, best way to tap into your inner power, and/or stay connected to source.

I call my astrology readings nurturing, because clients attain a deeper understanding of what makes them tick, and leave with more compassion and acceptance for themselves.

With this service, I ask that you give me a list of your burning questions or topics that you want me to address. You can be as specific or general as you need.

This reading is recorded and sent to you for your re-listening pleasure.

Personal reading – 1.5 hours at $200

Compatibility reading for 2 people – 2 hours at $250

Founders’ reading for a small business (maximum 4 people)  – 1.5 hours at $250

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