Ancestral Healing

This service covers one or more of these offerings:

  • Communicate with your Beloved Dead.
  • Midwife spirits across to the next dimension.
  • Prepare yourself or a loved one emotionally and spiritually to cross over.
  • Clear your home of adverse energy buildup or haunting spirits.
  • Break ancestral curses or inherited habits.
  • Create customized personal rituals.

I believe that everyone has the ability to communicate with their beloved dead and so I teach the skills as I work with you so that you can learn to do it on your own.  Most people are receiving messages or communicating naturally with them and don’t often realize it.  It is like learning a different language.

I am not the one to call to help solve murders.  Instead, I am the one who can help you have closure and connection with ones who have passed.

Although this is a spiritual service, it is not tied to any religious tradition.

Ancestral Healing 1 – 2 hour sessions = $150 per 60 minutes.

Schedule 2 hours up front:  $250.

Paypal: please add 4%.

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